“The homeless in LA live better than many of our veterans on the Navajo Nation”

– Willis Bencenti, leader in Chinle 


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A list of needs in the Navajo Nation isolated communities

Below is a list of short term needs shared by the leadership of the isolated communities.
One tractor trailer full of supply cost $1,000.00

Sanitation | Health Care

  • Sanitizing Supplies (wipes, hand sanitizers, Lysol Multi service cleaner, Clorox, Laundry, Detergent, Spray bottles, Lysol Disinfectant Spray, antibacterial dish soap).
  • Personal Protective Supplies (Latex gloves, Disposable Haz Mat Suits, Mask/ N95 Masks, Protective eye ware).
  • Personal Hygiene Supplies (antibacterial liquid hand soaps, Shampoo/ Conditioner, tooth paste, tooth brush, Q tips, Listerine Mouth wash, bar soaps, feminine products).

Water | Food

  • Water (5 gal and 300 gal water barrels, water hose).
  • Food (Meat, Non Perishables, and Fresh Produce).
  • Essentials (Paper towel, Kleenex, toilet tissue).
  • Diapers, Adult Diapers and Baby wipes or hygiene wipes.
  • Pet Food (cat, dog) and Livestock feed (hay, grain, salt, chicken feed).
One truck load full of water tanks cost $7500.00
Solar kits cost $5,000.00

Housing | Power

  • Generator for Electric to run medical respirators when released from hospitals commercial refrigeration and freezer for storing perishable items for distribution Storage bins to store items
    Ziplock Storage bags.
  • COVID 19 infected temporary housing while in quarantine

Investment per project

Cost for one Chainsaw
Cost for one aircraft  to fly MD-902 per hour
Cost for one Tractor trailer of supplies
Cost for one Solar kit and refrigerator
Cost for one Helicopter with Supplies

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