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Our mission is to assist and coordinate with Southwestern US Native American communities to develop sustainable living conditions focusing on water, power and housing. We are continuing COVID-19/health support program. 


The program started earlier in 2020 with Task Force 48 but officially launched with the support of the Goldwater Foundation, Jack Travis Trucking and MD Helicopter. 


As of December 1st, we have supported 20 flights with chain saws and PPE plus 9 tractor trailer trips with 380 – 300-gallon water tanks and clothing and blankets for women veterans. 


“The homeless in LA live better than many of our veterans on the Navajo Nation” Willis Bencenti, leader in Chinle 

Water | Food | Power | Sanitation | Health Care | Housing | Infrastructure

Over 5000 Veterans, Elders and 1 st responders are supported by our mission.


“the Navajo have the highest per capita covid-19 cases in the US. Infection rates and mortality rates are more than doubled the US average”

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