Bill Ward is a Vietnam War Veteran who was enlisted i the United States Army from 1967 to 1968 as a Communication Sargent. He participated in the 68 TET Offensive in the Mekong Delta area during his tenure. Following his return to the States from Vietnam, he was  stationed at the United States Army Infantry Training Center at Fort Benning, GA, until his Honorable Discharge. 

He subsequently enrolled in a 3 year electrical Apprenticeship program at the Department of Energy, Bonneville Power Administration  (BPA) where he graduated as a Journeyman Substation Operator. After working BPA for 29 years, Bill retired as a Chief Substation Operator. He was awarded the DOE Distinguished Career Service Award for his exemplary leadership. 

In his personal life Bill has always been active in the local community. He used his free time to advocate for Veterans and their families, dependents and survivors. The Governor of Oregon recognized his tireless efforts, resulting in his appointment to a four-year term on the Veteran’s Advisory Committee. He served in this capacity for two terms (1992 to 2000), and was selected the Chairperson from1996 to 1998. Bill was credited with overseeing the construction and dedication of Oregon’s first Veteran’s Long term Care Veterans Home facility. 

Bill is currently the President of Community Health Advocate and Motovational Speaker, Men’s Cancer & Health Issues, which focuses on serving Native American Veterans, dependents, and survivors in underserved communities on Tribal Reservations. He educates Native Americans on cancer awareness and treatment, sharing information and case studies regarding his 16-year journey as a Cancer survivor. He has partnered with the Mayo Clinic for the past decade, providing physician support and resources to Native Americans and Alaska Natives. In addition, Bill has served as a community outreach liaison at the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University Partnership for Native American Research.