We represent a collaborative effort to create solutions to solve water, power, and housing sustainability.


NASVU is a collaborative project between The Veterans Medical Leadership Council (VLMC) https://www.arizonavmlc.org/ , and the Goldwater Foundation https://goldwaterfoundation.org/ . A veteran-led collaboration with the Southwestern Native American veterans’ leadership to create solutions to solve water, power, and housing sustainability as well as medical issues throughout the Native American Communities.

The project started in March 2020 with a request by a veteran’s group to assist with COVID19 response in the Navajo Nation for food, PPE, and other supplies. The leadership of the Chinle area veterans requested chainsaws to help veterans and elders to obtain wood to heat and cook. In collaboration with MDHelicopters: chainsaws, cleaning supplies, and PPE are delivered to the Chinle area veterans. Support to the local first responder community was added over time. Nearly 400 300-gallon water tanks have been delivered to Navajo and Hopi Nation locations obtained to help with that 30% who live off the water and electricity grids. Solar and improving housing conditions program and a women veteran’s supply program was added with the delivery of one tractor-trailer load of clothing and other supplies were added.

NASVU is in process of organizing the project as a 501(c)(3). Donations are accepted through the VLMC, Donate (paypal.com) and please designate Navajo Relief Fund during the transition time. A website WWW.NASVU.org is in process of development. Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NASVU.

The VLMC was nominated by Senator Krystin Sinema’s office for the 2021 Community Service Award sponsored by the Medal of Honor Society. The winner will be announced on July 14, 2021.  


*The donate button goes to the Veterans Medical Leadership Council which is acting as our 501(c)(3). Our leaders are members. The VLMC was established in 2000 and is a very well respected NP in AZ.

U.S. Marine Corps Photo by SGT.Melissa Marnell

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